Our multi-layer XML format contains an XPointer scheme which is not easily editable by simple text editors. To support user friendly editing of the texts we developed a What You See Is What You Get editor. It is not only an editor but also help with the publishing of the Finished document. For publications we provide some additional tools like the LATEX converter that converts the base text and the selected annotations into a LATEX file that can be converted to PDF. The output of this tool is a well-formatted and nice text.

Currently a public sample implementation is available working with the flattened format. Our Hypereides transcriptions are published as flattened snapshots which can be edited with this version of the editor.

Features include:

  • Greek input using keyboard layout of the TLG
  • Support for annotions defined by Leiden Conventions (restored, missing, abbrevation, ...)
  • Testimonia, apparatus criticus
  • Physically structuring the text (lines, columns, pages)
  • File formats
    • Native format of the Editor: TEI P5 conform XML
    • LaTex export
    • PDF export

System requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows
  • MiKTeX (not included, please install before HypereiDoc editor)
  • Java Runtime Environment (included in installation package)
  • Working internet connection during installation

Download the updated sample implementation of the editor: HypereiDoc Editor v1.26